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“I enjoy doing the technique and I notice a feeling that combines elements of relief, calm, happiness, satisfaction, wholeness, abundance, and youthfulness as a result.”

— F.M., lawyer

“I’ve made amazing strides in my career and relationships.”

— G.L., depth psychologist

“Recently, my Inner Guide and I have been focusing on eating habits and weight management. The changes aren’t quick but they are steady. The good habits I’ve been developing will last forever.”

— L.L., network security manager

“I quit smoking. I am much more centered. With my Inner Guide’s help I have been able to face new challenges with more ease, and make better decisions!”

— C.D., librarian

“I hate to fly! I’m scared the entire time I’m in the air. This time I began self-hypnosis. About fifteen minutes later I realized that my fear had evaporated completely. It was amazing.”

— C.D., homemaker

“During a performance, I felt an incredible sense of calm and control. I feel I have a tool to be more in control of my life.”

— G.J., musician

“I’ve been feeling so wonderful and I’m so happy to have learned about my Inner Guide. Thank you!”

— F.J., personal trainer

“My Inner Guide has brought me to revelations in my personal life that have helped me to move past some of my issues and become more focused so I could move my business forward in a more profitable direction.”

— V.L., advertising executive

“My Inner Guide loves me.”

— M.D., salon and spa owner

“I am at peace. I am feeling centered.”

— G.V., homemaker

“I am generally more relaxed and able to make decisions more easily. Little things don’t bother me as much.”

— E.M., editor

“I feel that I have been put on a path that will help me spiritually, creatively and financially.”

— D.S., student

“My Inner Guide is very active and live to me. I feel her presence and ask her for help often throughout the day. Thanks!”

— B.J., social worker

“My life is going great, including clinical work.”

— L.S., psychologist

“I’ve become more patient with myself, and feel calmer and less fatigued than before. I’m slowing down, spending my days more in my own style, and comfortably sharing more of my inner self with others.”

— M.C., homemaker

“I am beginning to rely on self-hypnosis as a way to relax. It’s completely dependable for this. I am feeling generally more at ease.”

— J.C., investment banker

“This process has been the source of my ability to cope during a very difficult time.”

— S.E., homemaker

“I have continued to maintain a relatively calm and even level of emotional contentment.”

— F.W., teacher

“I have a sense that the Inner Guide is there to provide comfort, guidance, and to help me do what I am ‘meant to do.’”

— B.B., organization development consultant

“My Inner Guide has transformed my life. I feel a presence that is peaceful, comforting and stabilizing.”

— R.J., artist

“I can do things that I would have avoided in the past but now feel able to handle. Perhaps they would seem small to someone else but I know they are huge advances for me.”

— R.M., retired

“Just being me is easier than before.”

— B.S., physician

“My life is easy, and decisions seem to flow. I am content and peaceful. This is truly the most amazing time of my life.”

— A.L., psychologist

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